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Learn by doing

Great craftspeople have always learned by copying the best. Master Sketch 3 by copying world-class designs for web and mobile.

Improve your workflow

Sketch 3 is made even better by plugins and companion tools that help you create work faster and share it in a more compelling way. Learn the best of the best.

Upgrade your feedback

Feedback improves your work. Practice giving and getting feedback by posting your real-life projects and critiquing fellow students' work.

Learn by doing

Great craftspeople learn by mimicking the best. Michelango copied the frescos of contemporary masters. Dieter Rams appenticed under a carpenter to understand craft. Jony Ive's father, a silversmith, taught him how to use tools to make anything he could dream up.

Mimicking taught them what makes great art great. It also taught them the technical skills necessary to make great art. Mimicry is how babies learn to speak, programmers learn to code, and scientists learn to create new knowledge. If the best people in every field mimic the masters to get started, why aren't you?

This course is the collection of practice materials I wish I had when I was learning design. In this course, we recreate the designs of successful web and mobile apps: AirBnB, Pinterest, and Twitter. When you're done, you'll be a pro at two of the most useful tools modern designers use: Sketch 3 and InVision. Google, Facebook and Twitter designers use the same tools to design their products. You will also pick up great habits for organizing your design files and sharing your work.

Skip unnecessary pain

I was exactly where you sit right now. I'm a self-taught designer; I know how rough it can be. When I first started, I made slow progress and bad work. Copying successful designs taught me how to use design tools and why great designs work.

My goal with this course is to help you avoid my mistakes. And I made every mistake in the book:

  • I wasted dozens of hours reading design articles rather than practicing design. The endless reading about design--rather than practicing it--was procrastination. It killed my progress.
  • I wasted tons of money on courses that taught me how to use a tool. But then they spat me out right when I needed practice building something. Because I didn't practice enough, the knowledge never seemed to stick. A month later I would forget everything and be back to the basics, all over again. I keep paying for the subscription for months, frustrated with my lack of progress but unable to admit that what I was doing wasn't working. This wasted time and money.
  • My design files were a mess. I never laid out my work so others can use it. Which makes team work difficult. When I returned to projects after a few weeks, it was hard to find what I was looking for. With good habits, you can avoid these problems.

The community you need

So let me ask you: What would it mean to you if you could vividly communicate your ideas? If you could create prototypes that help investors, potential collaborators, coworkers and customers understand you? If you organized you design files in a streamlined way, so you don't have to repeat work?

You want to make new things. Things that matter. To do that, you need to communicate your ideas clearly. This course will give you the practice you need to do just that. It will still be hard work, but you won't have to find your own path.

You won't be alone, either. Your fellow students come from lots of different backgrounds: developers, product designers, entrepreneurs. And we cheer each other on.

You can submit your real-life projects and get constructive feedback on them. You can critique your fellow students projects, too. (The magic about giving other people advice is that you almost always can think of a place you can do better yourself.) Giving and receiving feedback is a huge part of the creative process. Practicing doing it is time well spent.

How valuable is your time?

You'll save dozens of hours by avoiding courses that are not project based. You'll save money by skipping the subscriptions that drain your wallet every month, even when you don't use them. You'll learn the best practices of the pros so you design the right way.

I would have paid hundreds for this. Even at the low wage I was earning at the time, it would have been more than worth it. But I am only asking for $97. Only $97 so you can get the practice you need to kick your design to the next level. So that when you think of an idea you'll know you have the skill to design it. And the skill to share it in a compelling way, get feedback, and make it better. This could change your professional life. What is that worth to you?

I can't wait to see what you will design. Getting better isn't easy, but it is worth it. We'll start our journey together, as soon as you join us on the inside.

Talk soon,

Brendan McDonald
Founder, Dangerous Design


When does the course start and finish? Whenever you want. You have lifetime access. It's best to finish the course in 2-3 weeks. Otherwise you will forget pieces of what you learned and need to remind yourself. But the pace is totally up to you.

Can I try it out first? No, but if you want to cancel for any reason (or no reason at all), just shoot us a note within the first 30 days and we'll send you a full refund. 

What do I need to get started? You need a Mac computer. You'll also want some exposure to Sketch 3. If you've never used Sketch before, check out our free course and come back here when you are done. 

Become a sketch pro - $97

Grow your career with better design.

  • Everything we teach for one year

  • Download access to watch on the go

  • Professional portfolio critique

  • Dozens of software discounts

  • Perfect for: Learning the most cutting-edge Product Design workflow

Sketch Pro
  • Unlock the full power of Sketch 3

  • Remake amazing mobile and web designs

  • Learn dozens of time-saving shortcuts

  • Get feedback on your real-life projects

  • Learn to organize your files the right way

  • Perfect for: Upgrading your design craft

  • Required: Basic knowledge of Sketch 3
    (Free course is a great place to start)

Sketch from Scratch
  • No experience necessary

  • Simple prototypes on your phone in 3 hours

  • Learn core features of modern design tools

  • Tips to keep learning on your own

  • Perfect for: Quickly learning the basics

  • Required: Mac running OSX